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but I just can't

1. The pigs who murdered Sean Bell in cold blood for absolutely no reason were aquitted. so it's clear to you all, at this point, that pigs could walk into a random house and murder a person of color in their bed and not face charges, right? I mean, clearly, there are no limits to what is allowed. it is beyond upsetting to me. it's beyond disgusting. there's a chance that some semblance of justice will be restored at the federal level, but it doesn't change what is clear here. it is reasonable and legal in this country for a pig to look on a person of color and assume, without any other reasoning, that that person is a dangerous criminal. an abortion of justice, indeed.

2. the Seal Press/Amanda Marcotte "racism in my feminism? it's more likely than you think." debacle continues, to further disgust and embarrassment.

[personal profile] karnythiaaddresses this better than I ever could

a highlight: "And yes, I know many of the people reading this are truly allies and I'm not saying this to hurt you. But we're going to need you to commence cleaning up your house before you can help us clean up the world."

and [personal profile] sadie_sabotfollows up with a call from a whitey to the whiteys to get our shit together and take responsibility.

a highlight: "again, fighting the racism within the feminist movement is not about saving feminism. it is about opposing racism."

so we trudge on, trying to make feminism something safer and more representative and more honestly progressive and trying to fight racism EVERYWHERE, in our movement and in ourselves.

3. The Clintons continue to be assholes who think that it's cool to talk about playing the race card and making appeals based on renting space in Harlem (and thereby aiding in gentrification) and gaining Harlem's votes (over a Republican? you don't say!). clearly, working in neighborhoods where Black folk traditionally live is prophylactic against racism.

jesus Bill, I used to respect you.

also, I can't help but wonder if Hillary's run is part of the reason that Clinton chose that office location in the first place. I wouldn't put ANYTHING past them at this point. NOTHING. not even the "2012 run" conspiracy theory. nothing.

I'm fucking tired of these assholes. tired. it's like white liberalism personified. I get flack for saying I won't vote for her. "Anyone's better than McCain!" but the reality in my mind is that we are on a fucking precipice. we are looking at the light at the end of the US of A tunnel. we will either change for the better or we will eat ourselves alive. and Hillary Clinton is no better than McCain, as far as I can see, when those are our options. business as usual is business as usual. Barack Obama isn't the second-coming, but at least he's a step toward change and has real honest things to say about what's going on in this country. I can only hope that his policy regarding West and South Asia is less scary in practice than it has the potential to be on paper.

which brings me to...

4. the US navy is firing warning shots at what may be (though according to Iran are not) Iranian speed boats in the Persian Gulf. watching this on Fox News, it's hard not to laugh when, for some reason, they refer to it as the Central Arabian Gulf, as the US Navy has come to insisting upon. TAKE THAT IRAN! wanna mess with us? we'll take your gulf! (cause, let's be clear, this isn't about Pan-Arabian empowerment when it's coming out of the mouths of Fox News or the US military)

why not just be realistic about it and rename it the Gulf of Tonkin? that's where all this posturing is going, all this seeing how close we can get to them, all this branding every boat on the water, every voice from the shore as an enemy. could it be anymore clear that we WANT an incident? that we would sacrifice lives for a clear shot to invade or take strikes on Iran? at this point, I can't help but wonder when bombing raids of the Ho Chi Mihn trail will "accidentally" lead us into Iran. I mean, that's where this leads, isn't it? you don't need a degree in history to see we've been HERE before. it's our war on terror and we'll do what we want!


5. all this stupid over media generated food shortage hysteria in the US while people are literally starving to death and taking to the streets to fight for their right to live in places like Haiti, East Africa and Indonesia (not to mention the legitimately poor people in the US who are facing elevating food and commodity prices and inflation -- who I think it's reasonable to assume are not running on Costcos to buy 80lbs of rice). capitalism is starving people to death while USAmericans panic that they can't buy their Basmati rice 80lbs at a time.

* ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** *

I've been so intellectually overwhelmed lately. I don't know what it is, but my brain has just felt taxed to the point that it's difficult for me to react and respond to things to my satisfaction. the election, this bullshit with the war, this bullshit with Iran, white feminism continuing to be embarrassing and bigoted and generally disappointing.  my brain is exhausted. my heart is exhausted.

Date: 2008-04-26 01:45 am (UTC)
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it seems to hit me in waves. I'll feel like I have a grasp on it and a relatively positive outlook and some hope and then woosh, 3 feet of water washes over my head all at once and it's out of my hands again. this is no time to be on the wrong side of privilege, not that there ever is such a time. it just seems like shit's been coming apart at the seams for so long that it's inevitable that we'll all lose grip.


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