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oh, john mccain, you got my hopes up when I heard "john mccain is suspending his campaign..."

unfortunately you're just suspending the parts that you know you're bad at, like debates. everyone sees you. just like we saw you with that sarah palin shit. and the cutting bush out of the convention shit. and the first round of debate shit, in which you tried to shape the entire process to your will.

it's like someone just said in an e-mail to jack cafferty, "now we can see who really needs the washington comfort zone." oh snap.

you thought you'd be clever, putting obama in a no win position. instead, people saw you, and are now in the process of pointing and laughing.

does w. know you borrowed his wardrobe of emperor's non-clothes? I mean, not that he'd be able to see that they were gone. lol

you people are killing me with this shit. increasingly, it seems like you're killing the whole country with it. even the media is a bit baffled by the transparent ineptitude going on here. the crack in our country between those that can your drawers and those who refuse to admit they can see your drawers even though there's no way they can't deepens.

and you've got a whole month left to go. *cues calliope music*
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