Mar. 4th, 2008

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-pretending to be multiracial
-pretending to be native american
-pretending to be an abuse survivor
-pretending to be a foster child
-pretending to be transracially adopted into a black family
-pretending to grow up in South Central LA
-pretending to be a Blood
-pretending to be a former drug runner and cooker of crack rock for the Bloods
-pretending to own a gun at 13
-pretending to know a gangster whose street name is actually "OG Homie" and generally abusing AAVE cause you're apparently even too ignorant to do some fucking research or so much as scope out an episode of the Wire before you make shit up
-pretending to have magical cornbread and blackeye pea cooking abilities because you're so fucking down
-pretending to have a totally ghetto tattoo of a crying pitbull on your back in memory of your homie on death row because you're so fucking down
-pretending that you are so fucking down, in fact, that your white baby was the result of your first encounter with a white man and that giving birth was the first time you ever actually saw a white baby
-pretending that you triumphed over all of this and completed college to successfully breed pitbulls for gangsters like yourself and then writing a memoir of your triumph
-implicating your child, family, and most perplexingly, your actual, real life friends of color, in this hot mess

and, finally:
-pretending that there's somehow an excuse that would make this okay and claiming that the stories are merely the stories of friends whose voices are ignored because they're not so precious and white and female, like yourself,  but only after your sister does the sane thing and ratted your dumb ass out

and all of this without the trauma of WWII and Nazi invasion to spark your creative furvor.

way to take it to the limit, super dumbass. Margaret Seltzer (nee Jones), you are a real American hero of entitlement and ignorance. I hope you get hit by a truck full of your own recalled books. 


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